1) Whose is the laptop? a) It's Maria's. b) It's Marias. c) It's Marias'. 2) Whose is the pen? a) It's of George. b) It's George's. c) Its George's. 3) This is ____________. a) my friends father's b) my friends fathers c) my friend's father. 4) Peter and Sam are my _____________. a) uncles children. b) uncle's children. c) children of my uncle. 5) Whose are the glasses? a) They're her. b) The're Carla's. c) They're Carla's. 6) Silvia is my ____________________. a) mother's mother. b) mothers of mothers. c) my mother's of my mum. 7) These are ____________________. a) Jacks keys. b) Jack's keys. c) keys of Jack. 8) Those are ________________. a) dictionary of Claudia. b) Claudia's dictionaries. c) Claudias dictionaries. 9) You are ___________. a) Jeffs sister. b) Jeff sister's. c) Jeff's sister. 10) Tobias is _________________. a) Cris's grandfather. b) Cris' grandfather. c) Cris grandfather's. 11) This isn't ________________. a) Will's watch. It's James's. b) Will's watch's. It's James's. c) Will watch. It's James's. 12) Whose are those bags? a) It's Julia's and Mariana's. b) They're Julia's and Mariana. c) They're Julia's and Mariana's.

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