1) We _________ students. a) 's b) 're c) 'm 2) David __________ late. a) am b) are c) 's 3) Jason and Mila__________ doctors. a) am b) are c) is 4) Today__________ hot. a) are b) is c) am 5) I _______ very tired.  a) is b) 'm c) are 6) It _____ a hotel a) are b) 's c) am 7) You and Sheila ____ in the classroom. a) are b) am c) is 8) Peter__________ a student a) am b) is c) are 9) My daughter ________ Carla a) are b) am c) is 10) I ______ in a taxi  a) are b) 'm not c) is 11) ________ late. a) Its b) It's c) Its' 12) __________ at the office.  a) We're b) Wer' c) Were 13) _________ cold. a) I'm b) I am' 14) _________ from Brazil. a) Your b) You're 15) ___________ in the conference room.  a) His b) Hes c) He's 16) Sam and I are friends = a) "We're friends." b) "They're friends"  17) Julia is a nurse= a) "He's a nurse" b) "Shes a nurse" c) "She's a nurse"  18) The school is in South Africa =  a) Its' in South Africa b) It'is in South Africa.  c) It's in South Africa.  


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