1) It ____________(rain) outside when Sam got out of bed and looked out of the window. a) rained b) had rained c) was raining 2) He _______(pick up) his phone and sent a text to his friend James: "No football today. How about going to the cinema?“ a) was picking up b) picked up c) had picked up 3) While he _______ (wait) for a reply, Sam brushed his teeth, had a shower and got dressed. a) waited b) had waited c) was waiting 4) After he finished getting ready, he checked his phone and saw that James _______ (reply). a) had replied b) replied c) was replying 5) James said he wanted to play football anyway and he _______ (not care) about the rain. a) hadn't cared b) didn't care c) wasn't caring 6) Sam changed his mind and _____ (decide) to play too and left the house to join James in the park. a) had decided b) was deciding c) decided 7) While he was walking to the park Sam met two of his other friends and______ (invite) them along. a) was inviting b) invited c) had invited 8) When they arrived they saw that James _______ (find) some other kids to play with and they had enough people for a match. a) found b) was finding c) had found 9) While they _______ (play) football, it stopped raining and Sam was really happy he hadn't gone to the cinema. a) played b) were playing c) had played 10) After the game Sam went home. On the way he____ (stop) at a shop to buy something for his lunch. a) stopped b) had stopped c) was stopping 11) He was about to pay when he realised he _______(forget) to take his wallet when he had left the house. a) forgot b) was forgetting c) had forgotten 12) He apologised and left the shop. Sam ________ (feel) hungry but he knew that he had plenty of food at home. a) felt b) had felt c) was feeling 13) He _____ (walk) home and thinking about the goals he had scored that day, when he saw his mum drive past a) was walking b) walked c) had walked 14) She saw him and stopped the car to give him a ride home. She_____(work) all morning but she was in a good mood. a) was working b) had been working c) worked 15) Sam_____ (sit) back in his seat and looked forward to having his lunch. He was having a great day a) sat b) was sitting c) had sat 16) When they arrived Sam________ (cook) lunch for the whole family. a) was cooking b) cooked c) had cooked

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