Every time I go abroad I enjoy talking to ____ about their daily lives.I find shopping at nearby ____ dangerous these days, I prefer shopping online. You should always keep your bank details in a ____ place.Do you think it’s a ____ place for children? He began his ____ as a journalist.I am going to take a medical ____. After a long recruiting process, we found the perfect candidate for the ____.This position requires someone willing to do hard ____. The nurse will ____ you with the treatment.Which university does your son ____? B: It's ____ 30 degrees outside. A: I just checked, it's 40 degrees outside according to my phone.B: ____, it's 52 degrees outside. Check again because the app might need an update. I'm watching a ____ with my mother, we enjoy watching it after lunch. We were told it is based on a ____ by Isabel Allende. He had to choose ____ a bicycle, a train set, a pair of sneakers, and a new backpack for his birthday present.She only ever felt comfortable when she was ____ her friends. I needed the ____ to get a full refund, I had realized the book was not useful for me. The ____ on the book I bought were way too complicated for me. She's a ____ and kind person, she's been one of my best friends since primary school.As part of the recruiting process, they ____ every application thoroughly. When she started this job, she was responsible ____ 20 people. Since her promotion, she has been in charge ____ more than 50. The headmaster wondered what ____ measures would make students behave better as the options he had been considering were not ____ for all age groups.

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