1) Yesterday I ______ and I finally decided that my next holiday destination will be Brazil instead of Italy. a) tried out b) didn't bother c) changed my mind d) stuck with 2) She is quite enthusiastic about getting fit. She is willing to ________ different sports. a) hesitate b) try out c) drop out d) put off 3) Your mother is quite honest. She doesn't ______ to speak her mind. a) hesitate b) change her mind c) consider d) rush into 4) Did you ________ about tonight? Are you coming with us or are you staying home? a) drop out b) rush into c) put off d) make up your mind 5) We had to follow the protocols and _____ our wedding party. We will probably hold it in January next year! a) drop out b) put off c) hesitate d) try out 6) Stacy tested positive for COVID yesterday. That's why she decided to _______ her participation in today's show. I hope she gets well soon! a) drop out b) hesitate c) get on with d) commit 7) People say that I am a determined person because when I make a decision, I always ________ it. a) keep my options open b) consider c) stick with d) don't bother 8) You shouldn't _________ a decision you may later regret. a) rush into b) think twice c) get on with d) try out 9) He used to be rich but he got addicted to casinos and lost all his fortune. Now, he is a __________ man under treatment. a) sucessful b) homeless c) thankful d) moneyless 10) Kate received lots of guests and presents on her 25th birthday. She was absolutely _________. a) useful b) sucessful c) thankful d) wasteful 11) Kate started selling her products in a fair near her house. Now she has her own company which has costumers all around the world. Kate is definitely a _________ woman a) thankful b) useful c) successful 12) Pandemic made _______ people feel even more vulnerable and frightened. a) homeless b) thankful c) sucessful 13) I never _______ to travel to London but I'd like to start saving money to go there someday.  a) got in touch b) got the chance c) got together d) got a lot out of 14) Did you ________ Melissa? I ask because I sent her a message today morning but she hasn't aswered yet. I'm starting to get worried!  a) get to know b) get used to c) get in touch with d) get into 15) I can't recall all my classmates' names because I started to ______ them just last week.  a) get to know b) get the chance to c) get a lot out of 16) Hi Pam, this is a short message to let you know that we will _________ tonight at Sam's house to celebrate his birthday. Will you join us? a) get into b) get in touch c) get together d) get ready 17) I'm fed up! It's been a year since the pandemic started and I can't _________wearing a mask. a) get used to b) get a lot out of c) get to know d) get the chance to

English plus 4 - Unit 2 (Revision)

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