1) My mum promised she ____ some cupcakes for my birthday a) will bake b) is going to bake c) is baking 2) It´s become cold outside, I ___ the window a) will close b) am closing c) am going to close 3) We ____ to Madrid next Sunday at 5pm a) are going to travel b) will travel c) are travelling 4) I don't want to cook! I _____ something on my way home. a) am going to buy b) will buy c) am buying 5) I ___ my grandmother after work, she's made my favourite dessert. a) am going to visit b) am visiting c) will visit 6) We ____ married next month. a) are going to get b) will get c) are getting 7) I have only one plan for today: I ______ for my next exam. a) am going to study b) will study c) am studying 8) The bags are heavy, I _____ you a) am going to help b) will help c) am helping 9) I _____ my doctor next month after 2 years of putting off the appointment. a) am going to see b) will see c) am seeing 10) oh no! I ____ some food! a) am going to buy b) will buy c) am buying 11) We ____ a meeting at 6 pm, don't be late! a) are going to have b) will have c) are having 12) I _____ my house so I need to take some days off. a) am going to paint b) will paint c) am painting

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