1) My mum _________________ to the gym once a week. a) is going b) went c) was going d) go e) goes f) will go 2) We _______________ future tenses this month. a) are learning b) learned c) were learning d) learn e) learns f) will learn 3) Marie _____________ to Europe next year. a) is travelling b) travelled c) was travelling d) travel e) is going to travel f) will travel 4) I ________________ at the time of the explosion. a) am sleeping b) slept c) was sleeping d) sleep e) am going to sleep f) will sleep 5) I'm tired! I ________________ to sleep. a) am going b) went c) was going d) go e) am going to go f) will go 6) I had breakfast. Then I ______________ a shower. a) am having b) had c) was having d) have e) has f) will have 7) I ________________ the dentist next Friday. a) am seeing b) saw c) was seeing d) see e) am going to see f) will see 8) According to my ticket, the train ____________ at 5.00 am next Monday. a) is leaving b) left c) was leaving d) leave e) leaves f) will leave

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