Where do you come from? Give a full description, What are you doing now? , Where do you live? Give a full description, Describe your best friend., Why are you studying English?, What do you enjoy about studying English?, Can you tell me something about your city?, Would you like to live somewhere different?, Can you tell me about your family?, What is your favourite subject? Why?, What is your favourite season? why?, Describe your favourite video game., Do you have any hobbies? Name them, What kind of music do you enjoy most?, Can you call yourself a sporty person?, How do you usually spend your holidays?, What is your favourite animal? Why?, Do you use Internet much? What for?, If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?, Which is your favourite song? What is it about?, Which was the last movie you saw? What was it about?, Do you like reading books? Why? Why not?.

Speaking A2 - Teens and adults


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