1. By the time she arrived, I ____ been waiting for two hours.2. I didn't know it ____ rain the following day so I went camping. 3. The teacher ____ have got furious when she corrected our exams. None of us had studied! 4. It's a pity they have never got used to ____ in the city. 5. I can't remember ____ the door. I'm a bit worried. 6. We used to ____ with my grandma in my childhood. 7. Vaccines are ____ the best solution for this pandemic. I'm convinced. 8. On no account ____ sign that contract! 1. Well, to ____ a long story short, I left him.2. I need to mull things ____ to make a decision. 3. Marie seems to be quite an anxious person. She's always ____ with her hair or biting her nails. 4. Please come to my office today. I need to ____ something with you. 5. He didn't get the job because he'd ____ and missed the interview. 6. They usually ____ about money. 7. The ____ was so confusing that the orchestra didn't know what to do. 8. The bed was so comfortable that I slept like a ____.

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