break down - stop working; lose control of feelings, break into - enter by force, break out - escape, begin suddenly, bring out - publish, make a new (book, song), bring up - raise a child; raise a new subject, carry on (with) - continue, carry out - do, complete something, hold back - contain emotions, hold on - wait, get away - escape, get on with sb / get along with sb - have a friendly relationship with sb, run across /come across / run into  - find/meet somebody by chance, run away - leave a place due to discomfort, run out (of) - reach the end of something, work out - calculate, understand, grow out of - become to large, mature and stop childish habits, see about - deal with something, take after - resemble a parent or ancestor, drop in - make a casual or informal visit, get at - implying something, fall out - have an argument, become detached and fall, fill in (for) - do someone's job temporarily, to write or type information on a document, take over - replace someone or something, put up with - to accept an unpleasant situation, put (sb) up - to provide someone with a place to stay temporarily,

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