Have you ever ___ (read) a book in English? What? When? Enjoy?, Have you ever ___ (forget) your PIN or password? When? Solve? , Have you ever ___ (be) late for an appointment? What? When? embarrased?, Have you ever ___ (sleep) more than 12 hours? When? ill?, Have you ever ___ (buy) anything on Mercado Libre? what? satisfied?, Have you ever ___(have) a surprise birthday party? who? good time?, Have you ever ___ (send) an email or a text message to the wrong person? what? delete?, Have you ever ___ (do) yoga or pilates? when? stop?, Have you ever __ (buy) or __ (sell) anything on eBay? what? good price?, Have you ever __ (buy) something online and had a problem with it? what? How/solve?, Have you ever __ (have) an argument with a shop assistant? what/about?, Have you ever __ (try) to change something without the receipt? what? successful?, Have you ever __ (buy) shoes without trying them on? where? fit?, Have you ever __ (get) to the supermarket checkout and then found you didn't have enough money? What/do?, Have you ever __ (lose) your credit card? Where? get back?.

Have you ever...? + follow-up questions (A2-B1)

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