1) My brother is a college student. _______ graduates next year. a) Him b) He c) She 2) I have a problem with question 4. Can you please help ______? a) him b) I c) me 3) My friends and I are going to the cinema. Would you like to join_____? a) us b) we c) I 4) My new school is excellent. I really like ______ a) it b) them c) us 5) The people in the restaurant are ordering food. _______ look hungry. a) She b) It c) They 6) I don't like that dog. ______ bit me last week. a) He b) It c) I 7) I'm friendly. My classmates like ______ a) me b) I c) them 8) ______wants to go home early. a) Her b) She c) Them 9) John likes computer games but he doesn’t play computer games very often. a) it b) they c) them 10) Neil Armstrong was born in 1930. Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969. a) She b) He c) Him 11) My aunt lives in Toronto but my aunt often comes to visit my family and me. a) she b) they c) we d) Her e) Them f) Us 12) First, my friend and I went shopping. Later, my friend and I went home. a) they  b) us  c) we  13) The planet Mars has two moons. The two moons are both very small. a) They b) Them c) Us 14) John is a really nice guy. I like John a lot. a) he b) him c) you 

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