Leonardo DaVinci was the man ____ made the first designs for a parachute. A zebra crossing is the place ____ you cross the road. Marie Curie was the woman ____ discovered the elements radium and polonium. A camel is an animal ____, in some countries, people ride and use as a means of transport. This is the double-decker bus ____ goes from The Tower of London to Hyde Park. This is the police officer ____ caught the thief. This is the place ____ my mum was born. A gondola is a kind of boat ____ is used in Venice, Italy. Marie Curie was a woman ____ family was very poor. Poland is the country ____ Marie Curie was born. Leonardo DaVinci is a man ____ designs were very important for the creation of several modern machines.

Unit 3: How do we get around? - Relative pronouns

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