Do you think Sundays are usually ____ ? Are you ____ about your next holiday? What kind of weather makes you feel ____ ? Are you ____ with your job or studies? What activity do you find most ____ ? Why do you think the news is often ____ ? Do you usually feel ____ at the end of the weekend? Why (not)? What is the most ____ book you've read recently? What's the most ____ sports match you've ever watched? Have you ever been ____ to do something by a famous person? What sports are you ____ in? What do you find ____ about your neighbours? Have you been ____ by a gift lately? Did you feel ____ by the last restrictions due to COVID-19? Can you remember a time when you felt ____ ? Do you remember any ____ anecdote from your childhood? Who is the most ____ person alive today?

Questions with Adjectives ending in -ing or -ed

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