1) ___________ Jim is 80, he insists on continuing to work. a) However b) Even though c) Despite 2) ____________ having a university degree, Sally is having difficulty finding a good job. a) While b) Nevertheless c) Despite 3) John works really hard, ____________ he gets poor marks in tests. a) yet b) although c) however 4) The U.K. gets very little sunshine in the winter. Greece, ______________, gets plenty. a) but b) however c) although 5) ____________ being a full-time teacher, Kerry is also a mum. a) addition b) as soon as c) as well as 6) You like buying designer labels, ______________ I prefer shopping for bargains. a) Whereas b) However c) Although 7) I didn't want to go to the concert., but i enjoyed it ______________ a) yet b) nevertheless c) too 8) _______________ he does to please her, she always finds something to complain about. a) No matter what b) although c) but 9) She tries hard, _________ she makes little progress. a) as b) yet c) in spite of 10) Bad mannered _____________ he is, he has got lots of friends. a) though b) however c) although 11) Rich _____________ they are, they own a small home. a) although b) yet c) as 12) ____________ all the bad publicity, the film became a box office success. a) although b) in spite of c) yet 13) Much __________ I admire her, I can't accept her point of view on this matter. a) as b) no matter how c) though 14) The northwest of the country gets a lot of rain, ______________ the east gets more snow. a) although b) despite the fact c) whereas

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