What do you do on Monday mornings?, What do you do on Saturday afternoon?, What do you do on Friday night?, My brother/ sister _________________ at 9 p.m. Before that, _______________, My brother/sister ___________________ on Tuesdays. Besides, _______________, My best friends _________________ at weekends. They also,________________, My brother/sister ________________ on Wednesdays, but she/he _________________, I _______________ on Wednesday evening. I really enjoy it!, I _______________ at noon and then I _____________________., I _______________ early in the morning. After that, _____________________, How often do you eat vegetables and fruit? Do you eat fast food too?, Do you like staying at home on cold days? What do you fancy doing?, Do you go to sleep before midnight? What do you do before that?, What do you fancy doing in the summer? , What do you like doing the most on Sunday afternoons?, What do you enjoy the most when you are on holiday?.

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