..... the table - set/clear, ...... the dishwasher - load/empty, ...... the washing machine - load/empty, ...... the plants - water, ..... the washing - hang out, ...... the carpet - vacuum, .... your room - tidy, .... your clothes - iron/put away, ..... the pets - feed, someone who makes a lot of noise is.... - loud, someone who doesn't talk a lot - quiet, someone who tells everyone what to do - bossy, someone who can wait a lot of time - patient, someone who doesn't tidy his/her room - messy, someone who likes planning everything - organised, someone who doesn't get upset easily - easy-going, What are the stative verbs? - like, love, hate, know, need, want, understand, , (p.simple vs. p.continuous)  Susie ...... (do) a history test right now. She ..... (know) the answers to all the questions!   - is doing/ knows, (p.simple vs. p.continuous) I.... (listen) to a French song now but I .....(not understand) the song very well.  - am listening/ don't understand, (p.simple vs. p.continuous) We ..... (love) sports. We.... (play) tennis every saturday. . - love/ play, (p.simple vs. p.continuous) We ..... (have) a very good time now. We never ...... (play) cards before. - are having/play, What are these expressions use for? ALWAYS, EVERY DAY, NEVER, USUALLY, ON THURSDAY, OFTEN, SOMETIMES - PRESENT SIMPLE, What are these expressions use for? NOW, AT THE MOMENT, RIGHT NOW, TONIGHT, TODAY - PRESENT CONTINUOUS,

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