1) Neil and Angela ___________to the cinema every weekend. a) go b) goes c) gos 2) My brother _____________economics at university. a) studys b) studies c) study 3) Does Jane live with her mother? a) Yes, she likes b) Yes, she does c) Yes, she is 4) Where __________? a) he works b) does he work c) does he works 5) _____________speak Spanish in class? a) Do your teacher b) Your teacher does c) Does your teacher 6) A: What ___________________?   B: They're doctors. a) do they do b) they do c) do they work 7) A: Who's that boy? B: He's _______________ a) Chloe's brother b) the brother of Chloe c) Chloes brother 8) Is that _____________? a) the your parents' car b) your parent's car c) your parents' car 9) He's __________________ a) my sister's boyfriend b) my boyfriend's sister c) the boyfriend of my sister 10) This is ___________________________. a) the end of the exercise b) the exercise's end c) the end's exercise. 11) This is a ________________________. a) very house nice b) house very nice c) very nice house 12) Do you like my _____________? a) new boots b) news boots c) boots new 13) What's the time? a) It's past half four b) It's half past four c) It's four half past 14) What time ________________? a) get you home b) you get home c) do you get home 15) What time ______________Louisa get up in the morning? a) do b) does c) is 16) _________________to bed late. a) We usually go b) We usually are c) We go usually 17) The boss is angry with me. ________________________ a) I always late b) I'm late always c) I'm always late 18) He ___________________on Saturdays. a) never works b) doesn't never work c) works never 19) I never study ____________the evening. a) in b) on c) at 20) All my family go home ______________Christmas. a) on b) in c) at 21) _______________help me? I'm lost. a) You can b) Can you c) Can you to 22) She _____________drive. She walks to work. a) doesn't can b) can't to c) can't 23) Do you like shopping? a) Yes, I like. b) Yes, I love it. c) No, I do. 24) Fiona hates _______________up early. a) geting b) get c) getting 25) She doesn't like ____________alone. a) live b) living c) liveing 26) I don't like ______________. I think she's a terrible actress. a) her b) him c) them 27) The children are very quiet. I can't hear _____________. a) they b) them c) their 28) Is that ______________book? a) your b) yours c) you 29) They have a cat. _________________name is Felix. a) It's b) Its c) Their 30) Martha and Dick live in London, but I don't know __________address. a) their b) theirs c) hers 31) Chopin and Mozart _____________famous composers. a) is b) was c) were 32) ___________your mother born in India? a) Were b) Was c) Is 33) Joan of Arc _____________English. She was French. a) doesn't b) weren't c) wasn't 34) He _________________work yesterday. He was ill. a) didn't b) doesn't c) wasn't 35) They _______________tennis yesterday. a) playd b) plaied c) played 36) I _________________last night. a) not cooked b) didn't cook c) didn't cooked 37) A: What ___________on Friday night? B: I went out with my friends. a) did you do b) did you c) you did 38) Did you _______________a good time? a) had b) have c) has 39) I _________________my boyfriend yesterday. He was in London. a) didn't saw b) didn't see c) don't see 40) He ____________me some beautiful flowers for my birthday. a) buy b) buyed c) bought 41) How many bedrooms ____________in your flat? a) is there b) are there c) there are 42) There are _______________glasses in the cupboard. a) any b) a c) some 43) ______________many guests in the hotel. a) There weren't b) They weren't c) There wasn't 44) __________a very noisy party in the street last night. a) There is b) There was c) There were 45) ___________any good programmes on TV yesterday? a) Was there b) Are there c) Were there 46) What ___________________? a) you are doing b) you doing c) are you doing 47) She _______________lunch. a) is make b) is making c) is makeing 48) What does he do? a) He's reading. b) He's a student. c) Yes, he does. 49) My sister ________________on Friday nights. a) usually goes out b) is usually going out c) goes usually out 50) A: Where's Ann? B: She's in the bathroom. _____________________ a) She has a shower. b) She's having a shower c) She having a shower

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