1) It's sweet and cold. a) ice cream b) salad c) hot chocolate d) flip-flops 2) It is round. It's green outside and pink inside. a) melon b) watermelon c) kite d) popsicle 3) It's a toy. a) surfing b) sandcastle c) beachball d) swimming trunks 4) You wear them on the beach. a) camping b) pizza c) diving d) swimming trunks 5) You wear it on your head. a) cap b) bikini c) bucket d) popsicle 6) You make it with sand. a) ice cream b) sandclastle c) snorkel d) flip-flops 7) You fly it. a) beachball b) sunglasses c) kite d) dress 8) You ... in the sea. a) swim b) eat c) do your homework d) sleep



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