1) I want to do some exercise but I have a back problem. What exercise should I do? 2) I have a job interview in English next week. I really want the job. How should I prepare for it? 3) I had a big argument with my partner yesterday. It was my fault. What should I do today? 4) My friend's invited me to stay for the weekend but she doesn't like dogs. I have a dog and I don't have anyone to leave it with. What should I do? 5) Some friends are coming to dinner and I can't cook. What should I do? 6) I want to learn to dance. What kind of dancing should I learn? 7) I can't sleep at night. What should I do? 8) I'd like to learn another foreign language. Which one should I learn? 9) I'd like to buy my English teacher a present. What should I buy? 10) I want to spend a romantic evening with my partner. Where should we go? 11) I'm very stressed and I need to relax. What should I do? 12) I'd like to go on holiday somewhere different this year. Where should I go? 13) A company's offered me a fantastic job but I'd have to travel a lot. I'm afraid of flying. What should I do? 14) I'd like to get a new phone. What phone should I buy? 15) I forgot my friend's birthday yesterday and she always remembers mine. What should I do? 16) I want to save money to buy a new laptop. How should I save the money? 17) I don't like my best friend 's new partner but he / she is very happy.  What should I do? 18) My neighbours are really noisy at night. What should I do?

I need some advice - Speaking

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