The curry is a little tasteless. I should have put more spices in it. - If l ______ more spices in the curry, it ___________ better. (put/ taste), I'm not very happy in my present job. Maybe I should quit and look for another. - If I ______ another job, I might _____happier. (find/ be), 4We got wet because you wouldn't take the bus. You wanted to walk. - We ______ wet if we _____ the bus. (not get / take), Don't swim in that river; there might be crocodiles. - If I _______ you, I ________ in that river as there might be crocodiles. (be/ not swim), Laura fell in love with Tom. She left Liam. - Laura ________ Liam if she _______ in love with Tom. (not leave/ not fall), He used the stolen credit card at a hotel, so the police found him. - If he _____ the stolen credit card at a hotel, the police ____ him. (not use/ not find), They don't have enough money to buy a new car. - They _________ a new car if they __________ afford one. (buy/ can), We didn't go on the London Eye because the queue was too long. - We______ on the London Eye, if the queue ____ so long. (go/ not be), My husband I both work, so we can pay all the bills. - If we __________ , we ____________ to pay all the bills. (not work/ not be able), I didn't know you wanted to go to the concert. I didn't buy you a ticket. - I ________ you a ticket if I ________ that you wanted to go to the concert. (buy/ know), Nicola is having health problems because she doesn't do any exercise. - Nicola _____ so many health problems if she _____ some exercise. (be / do),

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