Academic Scholarships - Often referred to as merit scholarships, these scholarships are for the students with the 4.0 GPAs, years of extracurricular activities and well-rounded applications. These are often high payouts and national awards., Athletic Scholarships - These scholarships are for students with strong academics and physical skills. There is practically a scholarship for every single sport., Scholarships for Minorities - Some of these scholarships are for this group of people as a collective whole, while others are catered to individual ethnic groups. It is a good idea to apply for this type of scholarship if you are part or fully of a certain ethnicity. You will get to represent your culture and possibly win money., Scholarships for Women - If you are female, you can apply to this type of scholarship. These are typically available in any field of study. , Creative Scholarships - These scholarships are available for those artistic at heart. Art, music, and even dance scholarships usually involve an audition of some sort., Unusual Scholarships - These scholarships are typically sponsored by private companies and are meant to be fun. For example, there are scholarships for left-handed students and even one that asks how you'd survive a zombie apocalypse., Community Service Scholarships - These scholarships are a great option for those that love to give to others and give back to their communities.,

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