1) Mr Wilson ....a million in a lottery last year.  a) won b) has won 2) I ....cut my finger.  a) have just cut b) just cut 3) I ...to Hawaii last summer. a) have gone b) went 4) I've got some free time now. I .....my homework. a) have just fiinished b) finished 5) I ...like the film yesterday. a) didn't like b) hasn't like 6) ...a speech? a) Did you ever give b) Have you ever given 7) My brother and I....a beach clean-up last weekend. a) did b) have done 8) My dad ...an app last month. a) has installed b) installed 9) ....whale watching? a) Have you ever gone.. b) Did you ever go ... 10) Stuard ...a cave and ...scuba diving last Saturday. a) has explored, has gone b) explored,went

Brainy 6 - Present Perfect vs. Past Simple



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