1. Neither Tim ____ Alastair can come on Friday – they’re too busy. 2. The talk isn’t just for university students – ____ can come. 3. ____ people in the crowd had come to see the fireworks. 4. It’s a shame that there aren’t ____ places left on the cruise. 5. On Saturdays, we usually clean the house ____ day. 6. Kevin’s mum offered us some sandwiches, but ____ of us were hungry. 7. Helen’s a vegetarian. She doesn’t eat ____ fish or meat. 8. ____ in this room belongs to me – it was completely empty when I took it. 9. There’s ____ milk. Do you like black coffee? 10. You can have either cream ____ ice-cream with your fruit. 11. ____ students want have some free time during the week. 12. ____ office in the department has air conditioning.

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