1) Stacy __________________ the show "Friends" many times. a) have seen b) has saw c) have saw d) has seen 2) Gino __________________ lasagna in a long time. a) hasn't eaten b) hasn't ate c) haven't ate d) haven't eaten 3) My friend and I __________________ to Macchu Picchu twice before. a) has travelled b) have travelled c) has travel d) have travel 4) __________________ you __________________ your Maths homework? a) has / done b) has / did c) have / done d) have / did 5) The children __________________ in the backyard because of the rain. a) hasn't played b) haven't played c) haven't play d) hasn't play 6) __________________ the weather __________________ this nice all week? a) has / been b) have / were c) has / was d) have / been 7) __________________ your little sister __________________ all her money on candy? a) have / spent b) have / spended c) has / spend d) has spent 8) We __________________ our homework yet. a) hasn't finished b) hasn't finish c) haven't finished d) haven't finish 9) My brother __________________ his phone screen again. a) has break b) has broke c) have broken d) has broken 10) I __________________ my best friend since we were children. a) have known b) has known c) have knew d) has knew

Present Perfect: choose the correct answer

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