1) You _ tell anyone what I've just told you a) mustn't b) don't have to 2) Living at home is great. I _ do anything because my mum does it for me! a) mustn't b) don' have to 3) You _ get a visa if you want to visit Cuba a) must b) should 4) I think you _ go to bed, you look tired. a) have to b) should 5) He _ watch so much TV. It's a waste of time. a) doesn't have to b) shouldn't 6) Jerry _ wake up early tomorrow, he doesn't work. a) doesn't have to b) mustn't 7) When I was I child, I _ clean my room every day. a) had to b) must 8) You _ pay a fine if you park in the wrong place. a) should b) ought to

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