1) The Smartphone __ (invent)____ by ... a) Apple  b) Nokia  c) IBM 2) The Lord of the Ringss films __ (direct)___ by ... a) Steven Spielberg b) James Cameron c) Peter Jackson 3) The book which __ (steal)____ most often from libraries is ... a) The Bible b) The Guinness Book of Records c) The Lord of he Rings 4) In the world, 16,000 babies ___ (born)____ ... a) every second b) every hour  c) every day 5) Chess __ (invent)___ by ... a) the Egyptians  b) the Indians  c) the Chinese 6) The first Levi jeans ___ (wear)___ by ... a) miners  b) farmers  c) cowboys 7) Football __ first __ (play)___ by ... a) the British  b) the Romans  c) the Greeks 8) In 1962 the original London Bridge __ (buy)____ by ... a) a rich American b) a museum c) the Royal family 9) Until 1800 New York __ (call) ____... a) New Amsterdam b) New Hampshire c) New Liberty 10) The Star Wars films __ (direct)___ by ... a) George Lucas b) Steven Spielberg c) Stanley Kubrick 11) The noun which __ (use)__ most frequently in conversation is ... a) money  b) time  c) work 12) Penguins __ (find)____ ... a) at the South Pole b) at the North Pole c) in Alaska 13) The Italian flag __ (design)____ by ... a) Garibaldi  b) Mussolini c) Napoleon 14) The first mobile phones __ (sell)___ in ... a) 1963 b) 1973 c) 1983 15) The politician Winston Churchill __ (born) ___... a) on a train b) in a toilet c) under a bridge 16) The electric chair __ (invent)___ by ... a) a teacher b) a dentist c) a politician

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