When I started to work here I needed a lot of help, but now ____ all the work on my own. He ____ several books a month, but he doesn’t have time anymore. We were surprised to see her driving - she ____when we first met her. Don’t worry, it’s a simple program to use. You ____ it in no time, I’m sure. When I had to commute to work every day I ____ very early. I’m afraid I’ll never ____ in this place. I simply don’t like it and never will. Whenever we came to Coventry we always ____ in the Central Hotel. We loved it. When Pete Smith was the head of our office everything ____ well organized. Now it's total chaos here. I ____ to be a lawyer but then I realised how hard they work! How's Boston? ____ the cold weather yet? No matter how many times I fly, I'll never ____ take-off and landing!

B1/B2 - used to, be used to & get used to

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