1) We need ________ at the airport at 7:00 a) to be b) being 2) Would you like _________ basketball on Saturday? a) to play b) playing 3) She's learning __________ a) to drive b) driving 4) Steve wants ________ a new computer a) to buy b) buying  5) They decided ________ a swim a) to have b) having 6) I'm hoping ________ a job in a London restaurant a) to get b) getting 7) I promise _________ my homework when the movie finishes. a) to do b) doing 8) My sister doesn't mind _________ housework a) to do b) doing 9) I hate _________ at the front of the class a) to sit b) sitting 10) We love ________ a big party for our birthdays a) to have b) having 11) Sarah doesn't like ________ in a flat a) to live b) living 12) I like ______ to loud music in the car a) to listen b) listening

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