Zero Conditional: If the temperature is below o Celsius, water freezes., If it rains, we obviously get wet., If today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday., If you don’t have money, you can’t buy anything., If I am thirsty, I always drink fresh water., If people don't drink, they die., If babies are hungry, they cry., If I have a headache, my mother usually gives me some medicine., If we are late for school, our teacher gets angry., If you heat ice, it melts., First Conditional: If I go out for dinner, I will order a cheeseburger., If we don’t have money, we will borrow some., If it rains, I won’t go to the baseball game., If I eat anymore cheeseburgers, I’ll be sick., If I get sick, I won’t go to the movie tonight., If we go to the grocery store, I will buy milk., If I talk to your dad, I will ask him to call you., You will get very wet if you walk in this rain., If the cat jumps from the chair, it will break that vase., If my friend doesn't phone me, I'll phone him.,

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