1) A 'It was my birthday yesterday!' B 'You _____ told me' 2) A 'I can't find my phone anywhere.' B 'You _________ left it at the restaurant!' 3) A 'I definitely said we were meeting them at 7.00'. B 'I don't know for sure, they ________ been delayed by traffic' 4) A 'I'm so tired. I can't keep my eyes open.' B 'You __________ stayed up so late last night' 5) A 'I failed my piano exam.' B 'It _______ been difficult because you were really prepared for it' 6) A 'Why do you think Fiona and Brian broke up? B ' They _________ broken up, I just saw them together and very in love' 7) A 'Alberto didn't come to class yesterday.' B 'He _________ come down with the flu, he was not feeling well yesterday' 8) A 'We're going to be late. There's so much traffic.' B 'We __________ taken an earlier train, too late now' 9) A 'Why is there so much traffic today?' B 'I don't know. There __________ been an accident.' 10) A 'Can you move your leg?' B 'No, it hurts too much. I think I __________ broken it.' 11) A 'Look! The gate's open and the dog has gone.' B 'Oh no! We __________ left it open when we went out.'

PAST MODALS - Should have/might or may have/must have/can't have

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