B: Do you like Italian ____? C: Yeah, I do. I ____ it. B: Do you ____ to meet for lunch on Sunday? There’s a really nice Italian ____ near here. C: Yeah. That ____ good. What ____ do you want to ____? B: Is one OK? C: Yes, sure. ____? B: ____ the Cathedral? C: OK. Great. A: Do you like watching football? B: Yeah. It’s OK. ____? A: Well, do you want to watch the match on ____? B: ____? A: In a ____ in town. It’s on TV. B: OK. What time does it ____? A: Five. B: So what ____ do you want to meet? A: Is four OK? We want to get a place to ____. B: OK. Where do you want to ____? A: Outside Green Street train ____? B: That sounds ____. So four o’clock ____ Green Street station. A: Yes. See you ____.

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