1) Do you like riding skateboards? a) No, he doesn’t. b) Yes, I do. c) Yes, she does. 2) Your mother's daughter is your_____________. a) grandma b) aunt c) sister 3) When does she go to school? a) She goes to Saint Agustin School. b) She goes to school by car. c) She goes to school at half past seven. 4) I’m thirsty. Shall we buy something to drink? a) think there are some rolls in the fridge. b) Great idea! Do you want lemonade or water? c) Yes, that’s a good idea. 5) Lucy__________ like doing Maths homework.  a) don't b) he c) doesn't 6) Ben has to catch the bus. When is it leaving? a) At quarter to eight. b) He's catching the bus. c) The bus arrives at two o'clock. 7) Do they like playing computer games?  a) He's really good at playing computer games. b) Yes, they do. c) No, they don't.  8) How about ___________ cookies and milk for breakfast? a) any b) don't c) some 9) They ___________ like snorkelling. They aren’t good at it. a) really b) doesn't c) don't 10) __________ is my favourite subject. I love talking, reading and writing in another language. a) Science b) Language c) English d) History e) Italian

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