1) How long have you had your present job? 2) What will you do next weekend? 3) What will happen if you lose your keys? 4) Talk about obligations and prohibitions when you travel by plane. 5) How long have you been single/married/divorced? 6) Explain how your favourite pizza is made. 7) Where did you use to play when you were a child? 8) What is your favourite painting/song? Who was it painted by? / Who is it sung by? 9) What should people do when first meeting their boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents? 10) What do you remember most about your school days? 11) Who are the most expensive/the best cars made by? 12) Do you get on well with your parents/brother/sister/boss? Why/Why not? 13) Talk about something you don’t mind doing at home/work? 14) How old must you be to smoke, drink, drive and get married in your country? 15) What did you use to be afraid of as a child? 16) What mobile phone game is played the most in your country?


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