What do you prefer: shopping for food or shopping for other items?, Talk about some of your favourite shops. What do you like about them?, Do you like buying presents for people?, Where do you do your shopping?, Do you ever take items back to a shop? Why?, What are the advantages of shopping online?, Have you ever had an unpleasant experience in a shop? Talk about it., What are your feelings about shopping? Is it a pleasure or a torture? Why?, Do you think that men and women have different attitudes to shopping?, Do you ever buy anything second-hand? Why (not)?, Have you ever bought something and then never really used it?, Do you think people can become addicted to shopping? Why (not)?, Should supermarkets be open 24 hours a day? Why (not)?, How safe is it to buy things online?, What are the most popular goods and services you can purchase on the internet?, How often do you go shopping for food? Where, when etc... ?, How often do you go shopping for clothes? Where, when etc... ?, Do you usually pay in cash or by credit card? Why?, Have you ever bought anything online?, What are the advantages of shopping in shops?, What kind of things would you never buy online? Why?, Do you shop around for the best price before you buy something?, Are you more likely to use large retail chains or small independent shops? Why?, Do you think online shopping will ever completely replace high street shopping?, Do you ever go window shopping?, What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought?, Should shops open on Sundays? Why (not)?, Do you enjoy shopping in the sales?, Is Amazon taking over the world?, Is there too much advertising in the world?, Would you like to work in a shop? Why (not)?, Are you saving up to buy anything at the moment?.

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