1) How often do you go to restaurants? 2) Do you have a good breakfast? What do you usually have? 3) -How often do you go shopping for clothes? Who do you go with? Do you like it? 4) How often do you go to the hairdresser’s? Do you like it? 5) What is your favourite meal? And your favourite food? 6) How often do you go to the cinema? What kind of films do you like? 7) How often do you go to the supermarket? 8) Can you cook well? What kind of food can you cook? 9) When is your birthday? What is your favourite day of the week? What do you like doing on this day? 10) What time do you get up at the weekend?  11) What sports can you do? 12) Can you play any musical instrument? 13) Talk about what you can/can’t do at work


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