1) This bird has broken _______________ wing. a) its b) his c) her d) my 2) John visits _______________ grandmother once a week. a) her b) your c) its d) his 3) Susan has lost _______________ book. She is really sad. a) your b) her c) our d) their 4) I’m not hungry now. I’ll eat _______________ lunch later. a) my b) your c) his d) our 5) Is that _______________ new sweater? Where did you buy it? a) my b) our c) your d) its 6) The kids have a new ball. _______________  ball is green and blue. a) Their b) Our c) His d) My 7) Don’t eat that! It’s _______________ bar of chocolate! a) their b) your c) my d) its 8) My sister and _______________ boyfriend go out every Saturday. a) his b) her c) my d) your 9) We bought _______________ house two years ago. a) our b) their c) his d) her 10) The students had _______________ Drama lesson on Thursday. a) its b) our c) their d) your 11) When is _______________ birthday? I’m going to buy you a present. a) my b) their c) her d) your 12) My brother never lends me _______________ toys. He’s so selfish! a) his b) her c) their d) its 13) The girls love pop music. _______________ favourite singer is Justin Bieber. a) Her b) Our c) Their d) Its 14) Tommy and _______________ wife live in China. a) her b) my c) his d) your 15) We love _______________ teacher. She’s great! a) their b) his c) our d) its

Possessive Adjectives

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