Have you done anything fun in the last few weeks?, Where do you normally spend your spare time?, Have you ever been abroad? Where?, If you went abroad this summer, where might you go?, Do you generally go on holiday abroad or stay in your own country?, What is the best way to learn something new?, Are you going to take up a new course in the future?, Why are you studying English at the moment?, What would you work as in your ideal job?, Are you a very dedicated person when you have to work on something?, Do you prefer buying things online or in actual shops?, Are you good at organising your time to get lots of things done?, What are your future plans when you finish your studies?, Where do you think you will be, and what will you be doing in 20 years time?, When you organize something, do you normally plan ahead?, What foods do you like eating least and why?, Do you enjoy cooking at home or eating out with other people?, Do you enjoy trying unusual food or do you stick to the same foods?, Which person has had the biggest influence on your life?, Do you prefer to spend time alone or share experiences with other people?, Tell me a little about your oldest friend. (known for the longest time), What do you use the internet for?, Do you ever listen to the radio or is it now obsolete?, What do you think is the worst invention of recent times?, Do you ever worry about the environment in your local area?, What are the biggest environmental problems in the world in this day and age?, Do you, your friends or your family recycle plastic, paper and glass?, Are there any places you are afraid to visit because of the high crime rate? If so,where?, What does the way you dress say about your personality?, Would you like to work in a clothes shop?, Which teacher do you get on with best?, Do you always make up with friends after an argument?.

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