What advice would you give someone having a job interview soon?, What would make a job interesting for you?, What kind of skills do you need to be a teacher?, How easy or difficult is it for adults to keep fit?, Would you like to have the same friends forever?, What aspects of your culture do you like?, Have you ever moved houses?, Can you describe the place where you live?, Do you come from a big or a small family?, Would you like to live a lot of years?, How do you normally spend your weekends?, Do you prefer to spend your holidays in your home?, What’s the last film you watched? Did you like it?, Have you ever been to a restaurant that has disappointed you? What happened?, What’s the most interesting thing you have learnt lately? Why?, What should be done locally to take care of the environment?, What’s your favourite season? Why?, How do you normally spend christmas?, what do you usually argue about with your friends?, Can you describe the best teacher you've had? , Do you like horror films? Why (not)?, Do you prefer to read a book or to watch a movie?, How often do you go to concerts and who do you go with?, Do you prefer to go out with your friends or with your family?, Is it easy to find a job in your country?, Do you prefer to eat out or to cook for yourself? Why?, Do you think that people should take better care of themselves? Why?, What sports do young people like doing in your country?, Would you rather receive a present or money? Why?, When was the last time you went to the theatre?, Do you support any team in particular?, What type of clothes do people wear in your country?, Do students in your country care much about fashion?, Do you like to wear fashionable clothes? Why (not)?, How often do you go shopping for clothes?, Are there any trends that have a negative impact on people’s lives?, What are the current trends in the area where you live?, What type of music do you like?, Is there a band that is particularly famous in your country nowadays?, Do you, your friends or your family recycle household waste?, What are the main environmental issues affecting your country at the moment?, What kind of wildlife surrounds the area in which you live?.

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