1) What are your favourite shops? 2) Where do you usually go on holiday? 3) What games do you play on your phone? 4) Do you eat fast food at the weekend? 5) Who do you usually meet at the weekend? 6) Do you have a big breakfast at the weekend? 7) What TV programmes do you watch in the evening? 8) What do you usually do on Saturday morning? 9) Do you read at the weekend? 10) What's your favourite restaurant? 11) What do you do with your friends at the weekend? 12) Are you usually at home on Sunday night? 13) When do you usually have holidays? 14) What do you usually do after dinner? 15) Do you go to the cinema at the weekend? 16) How do you relax in the evening?

EF A1 - 7A: Free time questionnaire

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