1) Yesterday I __________ on the beach. (run) a) ran b) running c) runned 2) I ________ a party last night. (have) a) haved b) having c) had 3) I _____________ a lot before this decision. (think) a) thought b) thank c) thinked 4) We ________ our package a week late.(get) a) getted b) gets c) got 5) I ________ sick yesterday morning. (feel) a) feeled b) felt c) felted 6) We __________ on vacation last year. (go) a) won b) went c) goed 7) I __________ a slice of pizza. (eat) a) eat b) ate c) eated 8) He ________ the school bus for 25 years. (drive) a) driven b) drived c) drove 9) I _______ off my chair in class. (fall) a) falled b) felt c) fell

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