1) I can see ... in the sky. a) something b) anything 2) I can`t see ... ! It`s too dark. a) something b) anything 3) There`s ... to do here. I`m bored. a) something b) nothing 4) There`s ... at school today. It`s Sunday. a) nobody b) nothing 5) I`m lonely. I don`t have ... to talk to. a) anybody b) somebody 6) Do you know ... about insects? a) anything b) anybody 7) Kids need ... to play with. a) somebody b) anybody 8) Can you see ... in my hand? a) something b) anything 9) I can see ... over there! Who is that? a) somebody b) nobody 10) She wants to show me ... . a) something b) somebody 11) Does ... speak English here? a) anybody b) anything 12) Is ... home? a) anybody b) anything 13) I`m hungry. Do you have ... to eat? a) anything b) something 14) ... wants to play with him. He feels lonely. a) Nobody b) Anybody 15) Look! The teacher is writing ... on the board. a) something b) anything

Somebody / Anybody

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