Touch your elbow!, Touch your knee!, Touch your shoulders!, Touch your chin!, Where's your stomach?, Where's your heart?, Where's your throat?, Say 3 EXTERNAL body parts, Say 3 INTERNAL body parts, Correct the mistake: My brother play football every Saturday., Right or wrong: I doesn't like rock music., Choose: We use present simple for actions happening now/ for repeated actions and routines, Complete: Mary _ _ speaking on the phone right now., Choose: Sorry, Mateo is not here. He plays/ is playing basketball, Turn it into the NEGATIVE: Tomi goes to sleep at 11 pm., Turn into the POSITIVE: Luli isn't studying at the moment., Answer the question: What do you do every morning?, Answer the question: What are we doing now?, Say 5 jobs you remember., What does a hairdresser do?, What does a waiter do?, Complete: A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ takes you from one place to another with his/her car., This person designs houses and buildings..., Say 2 things you did during the weekend., Right or wrong: Yesterday I didn't watched TV. , Say 2 REGULAR verbs and 2 IRREGULAR verbs., Turn it into the past: We go on holidays to Brazil., Complete: I didn't _ _ _ _ broccoli when I was a child (like), Choose: The last book I read was really bored/ boring., True or false: -ed adjectives (like surprised) describe the way you feel., Correct the mistake: Yesterday I was walking down the street and I fell over. It was really embarrased., Answer the question: what were you doing last Saturday at 8 pm? (if you don't remember, invent), Complete: Last Sunday at 6 pm I _ _ _ having tea with my family., Turn it into the negative: Pedro and I were playing videogames when the telephone rang., Complete: It was a fantastic day, the sun _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (shine) and the birds _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (sing)., Choose: We use the past continuous for completed actions/ actions in progress at a certain time in the past., True or false: we use the past simple for completed actions in the past., Is this true? Babies become children when they start to walk and talk., Choose the correct option: between the ages of 13 to 19 you are a ________ (child/ teenager/ toddler), Correct the mistake: I was walking down the street while it rained., Complete: a _ _ _ _ is a very young child who cannot walk or talk., What type of adjectives describe the person or thing that causes a feeling? -ed or -ing?, Say something that is REALLY interesting for you., Say something that is super boring for you., How are you feeling right now?, When was the last time you felt frightened and why?, Choose a job you would like to do in the future., Say something you do every day., Say something you are doing after class., What is your best friend doing at the moment? (you can invent!).



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