1) Please be quiet. I _____. a) work b) am working c) working 2) A: Is John at home? B: Yes, he's in the kitchen, he _____. a) cook b) is cooking c) is cook 3) A: Where's Ann? B: I ____ . a) not know b) am not knowing c) don't know 4) A: Where's Ann? B: She ____ a shower right now a) have b) is having c) has 5) A: What____? B: She's a dentist. a) does your sister do b) is your sister doing c) your sister does 6) A: You ____ on my foot! B: Oh, I'm sorry! a) stand b) are standing c) are stand 7) It ____, I ____ to go out in the rain. a) rain, am not wanting b) rains, don't want c) is raining, don't want 8) A: Where ____ from? B: Canada. a) do you come b) are you come c) you come 9) Listen! Somebody ____ a) sings b) sing c) is singing 10) What ____ ? ____? a) is it meaning? Are you understanding? b) does it mean? Do you understand? c) is it mean? Are you understand? 11) Ann ____ happy at the moment. a) doesn't seem b) isn't seeming c) not seeming 12) What ____ about my new shirt? a) are you thinking b) you think c) do you think 13) I ____ of selling my car. Would you like to buy it? a) think b) am thinking c) thinks 14) Who's that man? What ____? a) does he want b) he is wanting c) is he wanting 15) Who's that man? Why ____ at us? a) does he look b) he is looking c) is he looking 16) The dinner ____ very good! I'm sure the taste is good, too. a) is smelling b) smells c) smell 17) ____ that man over there? a) Do you see b) You are see c) Are you seeing 18) She told me her name, but I ____ it now. a) not remember b) am not remembering c) don't remember 19) These gloves are too small, they _____ me. a) aren't fit b) don't fit c) not fit 20) Don't turn the computer off. I ____ to use it. a) need b) am need c) am needing

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