1) Joe always _______ rice for lunch. a) eats b) eating c) is eating d) are eating 2) Ben usually ______ his teeth in the morning. a) brush b) brushes c) is brushing d) brushing 3) We _______ TV at the moment. a) watch b) watches c) are watching d) watching 4) Mum and dad _______ to the market every Saturday. a) are going b) goes c) is going d) go 5) We ________ in the pool every week. a) are swimming b) is swimming c) swims d) swim 6) They ________ in the pool now. a) is swimming b) are swimming c) swims d) swim 7) It ____________ at the moment. a) is raining b) are raining c) rain d) rains 8) ________ at the moment? a) Does it snow b) Is it snowing 9) ________ eat apples every day? a) Does b) Is she c) Does she 10) My brother ______ football every Tuesday. a) trains b) is training c) are training d) train 11) The dogs ______ together at the moment. a) is playing b) play c) are playing d) plays

Present Simple and Continuous




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