Wetsuit - A tightfitting one-piece rubber suit worn by skin divers for warmth., Swimsuit - A set of clothing worn for swimming, Snorkel - A tube that is held in the mouth and extends above the surface of water. Snorkels allow swimmers to breathe while their faces are in the water., Water-skis - Two long and thin boards used for water skiing, Life jacket - A life preserver in the form of a vest or jacket with no sleeves., Mask - A covering for the nose and eyes to protect from water, Paddle - Is used with both arms for moving kayaks through the water., Helmet - A hard covering worn to protect the head., Kayak - A light narrow canoe with a covering over the top, Surfboard - A long, narrow board on which a person kneels, stands, or lies while riding the waves., Gloves - A covering for the hand., Flippers - One of a pair of flat, rubber shoes shaped like a frog's foot and used for swimming or underwater diving.,

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