1) I ______ the book you lent me and it's great. I'll give it back to you when I finish it a) 've read b) was read c) 've been reading 2) Bruce ______ tennis since he was a child. He ______ many trophies. a) has been playing / has won b) is playing / has won c) has played / has been winning 3) You ______ too much time playing that stupid game! a) 've spent b) 've spending c) 've been spending 4) You ______ tennis since 10 o'clock. How many sets ______ ? a) have played / have you been playing b) have been playing / have you played c) are playing / have you played 5) I _______ and my legs are really tired now. a) ´ve been cycling b) ´ve cycled 6) I'm sorry I'm late, ________for a long time? a) have you waited b) have you been waiting  7) Somebody ________ my cookies. There are none left. a) has eaten b) has been eating 8) She must be tired. She _______ all afternoon. a) has been writing b) has written 9) ____you _______ all afternoon? yes, I _________ 5 chapters. a) have ... read/ ´ve been reading b) have ... beeen reading / ´ve read 10) They ________ for months, and they _________ three countries so far. a) have travelled / have been visiting  b) have been travelling/ have visited 11) Somebody _______ my cookies. There are very few left. a) has eaten b) has been eating 12) How long _______ Peter ? a) have you known b) have you been knowing

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