Who is the best cook in your family?, In your opinion, what is the best song ever?, What is the most difficult thing about studying English?, Who is the most creative person you know?, Which is harder, Math or English?, Where is the best place to go in Argentina for a vacation?, In your opinion, who was the most important artist in history?, Does technology make the world better or worse? Why?, What country is the best to live in? Why?, What is the scariest movie you saw last year?, Are video games better for you than watching TV?, What is worse than failing exams?, What is the best thing to do in the summer? in winter?, Which has been the happiest day in your life so far?, Which is harder to learn, a new language or a new sport?, When was the last time you felt your worst? Why?, What is the farthest you have travelled in your life?, Who's the most reliable person you know?, Which is the most popular sport in the world? , Which is better for you, watching a sport or practising a sport?.

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