1) Is there a ________ on the desk? a) book b) books c) ice-cream 2) Are you _________ now? a) reading b) read c) reads 3) ________you at home yesterday? a) Was b) Are c) Were 4) _______ there a pond near your block of flats? a) Is b) Are c) Am 5) ______ Shunya outside yesterday? a) Was b) Is c) Are 6) _______ your husband like chocolate ice-cream? a) Do b) Does c) Is 7) _____ your husband sleeping now? a) Are b) Does c) Is 8) Do you _______ chocolate? a) like b) likes c) liking 9) Are ____ tall? a) he b) your sister c) you 10) Are you ________  English now? a) speaking b) speak c) speaks 11) He ____ in the park yesterday. a) is b) was c) are 12) They are ______ outside now. a) play b) played c) playing

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