1) The flower is... a) blue b) green c) purple 2) The apple is... a) green b) grey c) red 3) Chocolate is... a) orange b) brown c) black 4) The giraffe is... a) pink and yellow b) orange and red c) yellow and brown 5) Thursday, ______________, Saturday a) Monday b) Friday c) Tuesday 6) Sunday, _____________, Tuesday a) Monday b) Friday c) Wednesday 7) The cat is _____ the box. a) under b) in c) on 8) The dog is ______ the table. a) under b) in front of c) between 9) The cat is _____ the computer. a) behind b) in front of c) in 10) The dogs are ____ the box. a) on b) under c) in 11) It's number ... a) zirtin b) thirteen c) three 12) It's number a) twenty b) twelve c) twenti 13) fourteen, ______________, sixteen a) five b) eighteen c) fifteen 14) eighteen, ____________, twenty a) nineteen b) nainteen c) seventeen

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